Six Years Old

18 09 2014

I have not been posting, but I couldn’t be more proud of my funny, sweet, loving daughter.  She is now a kindergartener.


Happy 4th of July

5 07 2011

The Start of Pre-school

25 06 2011

Keziah is getting a head start this summer with pre-school. She began at a new home school in our neighborhood. It’s so nice just strolling over there from my house. It is a big transition, and I hope she continues to do well.These pictures were taken there.

A Very Happy Girl

Singing at the Dinner Table

19 06 2011

Let the Summer Begin…. please!

31 05 2011

It’s the day after Memorial Day, and it’s raining. Overcast with off and on showers didn’t stop us from going to the beach. I see that we need to go more often. Keziah loved it.

A big smile when the toes hit the sand, and the ocean breeze hit the face.

Farm to Fashionable

11 04 2011

I haven’t been the greatest in updating this blog. We had a great spring break in California and I will write about that. For now I want to share my two favorite pictures from the last two Saturdays.

A visit to the farm and the animals were not the highlight, getting into the duck pool was best.

Dressing nice for a birthday party.

My Little Sprout

5 03 2011

One of the things I love about motherhood is sorting through Kezie’s cute clothes and organizing her closet. I got donated the 2T pajamas and she has now officially moved to 3T. Her feet are growing, she is growing taller, her hair continues to grow. Her hair is a bit frizzy in the picture below. The next day, I shampooed and conditioned with Mixed Chicks products. They are fabulous. They tighten and bring out the curls, taking away the frizz. I don’t shampoo very often, but do love the Mixed Chick leave-in conditioner that is put on when her hair is wet.

Relaxing on the evening of Feb. 26th with new PJs


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